The Count Down To My Own Demise

I have, for the last 9 months, been employed by company "B". I am in a remote office far from the HQ and have the feeling that they will be shutting down my office once my final project is finished. I have been doing as little as possible to maintain my employed status and fill most of my days playing video games and writing blogs to fill my time. This blog will be a running daily diary of my life until I am fired. I refuse to quit. Let’s see how long I can go.

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    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    I know it's almost been a full year since my last post but I'm so busy with the new job (still there) plus there's no good reason to dwell on the old shit. It was an experience that I will never forget. I was able to travel all over this country and a few others and was paid well to do very little.

    For those of you who go to work each day and surf the net or do other things other than work and wish you could get paid to do that all day, i'm here to tell you, its not that great. Near the end of my time there I didn't even have to hide what I was doing, and I was bored out of my skull. I hate having to look for busy work to do or to "look busy" so the new place is perfect, there is always work to do and I'm quite content....shit, I'm fucking happy to be working and productive each day.

    I'm at the office 50+ hours per week now and couldn't be happier. At the old place I was barely spending an hour per day sending e-mail reports to clients or the overseas home office and I was trying to look like I was doing something for the other 6 or 7 hours that I was there. For the majority of those 6 or 7 hours I blogged on here, played video games, surfed the web and had lunch. It bored me to tears. The grass is always greener right?

    For those of you who read this blog at all I hope i provided a bit of enjoyment or a means to show you how good (or bad) you might have had it at work. For those still finding this strange little blog, enjoy. Not sure how often I'll post here, maybe once a year, maybe if I ever run into Sales guy or OAG I'll send an update. Till then...

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    Still Alive and Kicking
    Saturday, September 20, 2008
    Hi everyone,

    This is simply an update to anyone that may be curious. I am still at the same job since leaving that last waste of time. Although I was paid well to do absolutely nothing, I have only one regret and that is not learning more or training myself in some new skills while wasting away at that hell hole. I'm currently working at a job I could not have dreamed up before. It is the perfect balance of production and personnel management, there are multiple projects going on simultaneously and I have over 50 people to manage. I have been given a rather large promotion recently and with today's troubled economy I feel rather safe in my job and in this industry.

    I will every so often report back on my current status or when I have time I'd like to edit the pages of journal notes that I kept while traveling around the world for "Company B" through 2006 and post them here.
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    Wow where did the time go
    Wednesday, December 12, 2007
    Well, here's the deal. I left that miserable place back in July and made sure to inform our "Clients" about exactly why. See, i had not been paid for about 2 months before i quit and they had continued letting OAG and idiot sales guy and me all know that "the check was in the mail" well, i decided to finally leave and got another job right away with a great company that actually has work for me to do and a pay check.

    I mean if you look back at some of the older posts, i made it clear that i really loved my job, it was just that this company sucked ass and treated people like shit, so I took advantage of it. fuck 'em. The new gig rules and i'm running the show up there. I've already had the new CEO talk to me about how much happier thier clients are since i've come on board.

    I hope in the next few months, maybe during my holiday break I can sit down and go over the final days at the last shit hole.

    If i don't get it all done over the holidays, check back and i'll be sure to post every so often.

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    A review of "Count Down"
    Thursday, June 14, 2007
    So back when I was blogging about my situation on a regular basis i decided to have a blog review by Go down to Wednesdays review by "Heartless Lass" she goes on to bash the blog and that is her right, it's her blog to review 'em how she see 'em. Right?

    Well the funny thing about this is, as i started reading the comments that her adoring "fans" left on this review, that i began to notice a shift in their collective thinking. These dumb bastards who originally started out bashing the context of this blog started within the confines of the comment thread about the review started wishing that they themselves could do EXACTLY what I do - NOTHING.

    I know it's 3 months after the fact but fuck these little bitches, i let them know what i thought.

    Here's the comment I left for them:

    Well let’s see the bashing starts with the review but continues on to this comment thread and may I add, yes there were spell checks done before every “Publish button” had been pushed, why this didn’t take effect is beyond me. I understand why I got a bunch of crap for this; I should, and will in the future, take the time to double check.

    As for the content I can see where a good number of people would be upset that they have to go to work and slave for a boss that treats them like shit but if given the opportunity everyone would take full advantage of the situation I'm in if they were in my shoes. Case in point, this comment thread. Funny that the idiots that started out bashing me admit that they themselves would too take advantage.

    So let’s start with all of your bitchy little comments - NYC Watchdog starts off this hypocrisy 5 posts down @ 4:24 with -
    “Oh… and work sux. In case you didn’t know. You should try to avoid it as much as possible. -Just sayin’.”

    This was immediately followed by Heartless Lass 10 minutes later with –
    “As for work, I totally agree! It’s really bad for my health when I can’t run off to busy myself with thoughts of flirtatious Watchdogs. How does one successfully avoid working?”

    Well it sounds like someone who jumped on this bandwagon to berate the context of this blog is now condoning it and better yet wishing on her shitty little star that her useless ass could do the same…looks like I have a fan.

    These two retards continue on this train of thought for a little over an hour back-and-forth subconsciously giving credit to the well documented case of NON-WORK that I do yet they started out bagging on me.
    NYQ Watchdog going so far as to list what he would not do if given the same opportunity as I have. “To avoid work… you could call in dead… tell them you have no shoes because your Dawg ate them… tell them you were ravaged by a nasty animal… or work on your acting skills while pretending to work but really surfing the ‘net and checking out E-Bay, YouTube, and IT2M. Personally… I’m a pro at the last one.”

    This little fuck-stick started this entire comment thread with “1) This is a prime example of WTF?” Back at you dick boy.

    Your all envious admit it. Bitches.

    Yes you do talk to much suck ass bitch.

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    Not much to say...but i'm still here and getting paid
    Wednesday, June 13, 2007
    Really, is there much else to say. I can't talk about how much i hate this place on a daily or weekly basis and the fact that there's a new idiot on board does not help things, although he does deflect some of the bullshit I'd have to be dealing with.

    I've had it with OAG! New Sales Guy i swear almost cried the other day when OAG and i were fighting about the fact that she sticks her nose into everything without knowing what the hell she's doing. He got so upset about US fighting that he stepped in and i told him if he had nothing to add to the conversation to just leave. His voice was literally quivering like a little boy who's about to break down and cry.

    I'm not mindlessly wandering the internet and playing games all day, at least not always. I've been researching and studying about investment opportunities and the stock market. I'm hopping to make a descent sized investment by Sept. I've already been putting my "Hard Earned" *cough* *cough* money into CD's and Mutual funds and now want to take the next leap into investments so that's where a good portion of my day is spent if I'm not being interrupted by "work".

    I have been on MULTIPLE interviews but nothing has panned out. If nothing works out, well there's always this place...who knows for how long though. I do know of an immediate job in case I'm forced to leave with a friend, it's in the same industry but lower on the food chain so in case something drastic happens i know I can always land over there.

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    I'll get off my ass soon, i swear
    Saturday, April 14, 2007
    Yeah this blog has fallen to the way-side as I've been in serious job hunting mode. I've spent most of my day reading trades to catch up on some of the things that are going on within this industry so that i can feel on top of things when i go into my interviews. Had one on Friday that seems to me to be a great place and a good fit for me,i'll have to move out of state for it but the $ is good and i'll be with some great people. I find out Monday what happens next with that. If they offer me a job i'll be telling this shit hole to shove it first thing Tuesday.

    OAG" is still useless and we've hired a new Sales/ Office Manager who is only a step better than her. This is the same dipshit that the "Old Company B" had working here. When the New CEO asked "OAG" about having the US office find a new Sales Manager she (behind my back) told HQ-Land that this guy would be great. HQ-land and "OAG" never asked me about it or what my thoughts were. They just hired him. He is a real winner and I'll get into his story more next week.

    Just to give you a taste of him. In the past I've seen this guy give a sales pitch to a big company without doing any prep for it and he spent the night before in the hotel playing World Of Warcraft rather than of going over the Power Point slides i made him. So, he thought he'd just be able to look at the slides and not study them at all before going into the conference room. Needless to say he stunk the room up and looked at me more than 5 times to explain the slides. We looked like idiots and did not get the job. So "Sales Dope" is back and i had no idea we were in the market for a Sales Guy. If i did I'd have spent more than a day looking for one.

    Again, i'll try and really catch everyone up next week, hopefully I'll be preparing myself for a new job though. Alot has gone on but it really is only the same old bullshit. I still hate it here and do not feel guilty about taking a paycheck from these bone heads.

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    Out Of Town
    Tuesday, March 06, 2007
    Hi All,

    Well I have found myself on a last minute company trip and can't say where. I'll be here till Friday and the shitty hotel I was put up at does not have a great internt conection. I am typing out this post in an apple store down the street and don't think i'll be here more than to just checkl my own e-mail and end a few out.

    That being said, I will have very few post durring this week and hope you'll return next week for my update as to why I had to leave last minute and the trials and down right bullshit I had to deal with (already in 24 hours) with this F'ed up trip.

    Take care and have fun at work.

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    Banking HORROR Today
    Thursday, March 01, 2007
    I'm not gonna get into details but, because of new "policies" at the bank, I'm not able to cahs my compnay check at the reagular place. I have to go to the bank where "Dickboy" set up this business account in order to cash it.

    Why don't I just deposit it into my own account, again, long story.

    So i had to travel 1 hour south to the bank to cash this month check.

    Just another feather in this fucked up compnay hat in terms of money. Not sure what I mean, check this out. [CLICK HERE TO READ THE BANKING NIGHTMARES]

    Have a good one, i'm outa here for the day.

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    Still here
    Wednesday, February 28, 2007
    After my melt down with "OAG" yesterday I'm taking some time to cool off... :) riiiiiiight!

    Like i don't already have all the time in the world.

    Not doing crap today either.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Example Of Why This Place Is Bullshit.
    Tuesday, February 27, 2007
    I just had an argument with "OAG" about having to fight my way through every single suggestion I make. Case in Point - I made several remarks about the contract we were going to send to the "West Coast Client" and laid out reasons for NOT changing a handful of issues that "New Company B" decided to change.

    "OAG" tells me first thing this morning that they want to send the contract "AS IS" with out my changes to see what "West Coast Client" will say. The main reason for my changes is that I KNOW what "West Coast Client" will say about some of the items but even more troubling is that when they look at all of them as a whole they might wonder if they still want to do business with us. They may also wonder if I had even looked over the contract becuase of the blatently obvious issues should have been addressed by me, BUT THEY WERE!

    HEre are some examples:

    Here are my notes:

    Issue #1
    Legal Mumbo-jumbo-
    With respect to each Application, "New Company B" shall receive as its sole compensation for the Services rendered and the rights granted to "West Coast Client" hereunder a royalty (the “Revenue Share”) in the amount of Net Sales of such Application and derivative Application Products as set forth on the applicable portion of Appendix B. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no Revenue Share shall be payable hereunder with respect to (i) Applications or Application Products used for promotional purposes or furnished free to the trade, press or for public relations use; or (ii) Applications or Application Products used for promotional purposes furnished free to distributors, sub-distributors, dealers, or others.

    My Observation-
    “…or furnished free” – was deleted from the contract. This should remain in the contract so that "West Coast Client" has the ability to furnish the listed outlets (the trade, press or for public relations use) a free copy of the application. "West Coast Client" is not going to ask the press to buy the game in order to review it.This is an industry practice that has been added (in some fashion or other)into every contract i've ever read.
    NOTE: "New Company B" refuses to listen to this and think its a "ploy" by the "West Coast Client" to give away the game so that they don't have to pay us! They demand that it “…or furnished free” is removed from the contract entirly and will not sign it if it's in there.

    Issue #2
    Legal Mumbo-jumbo section of the contract is deleted by "New Company B" dealing with required insurance needed to do business between copanies.

    My Observation-
    This whole section was “Omitted” from the contract and needs to remain IN the contract as US companies will not do business with us if we do not have insurance. By ommiting this section we are saying to Sony that we do not have insurance and will not get insurance. This is not acceptable.
    Note: "New Company B" claims they have insurance and that they could not open in HQ-Land if they did not have ninsurance, they see this section of the contract as "insulting".
    FUCKING MORNONS. Nuff said.

    Issue #3
    Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    To the extent necessary to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations of HQ-Land Country Name, "New Company B" agrees to pay to the relevant HQ-Land Country Name tax authority taxes at the applicable rate set forth in such laws, rules, and regulations.

    “HQ-Land Country Name” –was added to this section and should not be there. The term “comply with applicable laws” will cover each countries laws and adding the express HQ-Land country into the contract detracts from the US laws which should also be adhered to as "West Coast Client" is an American business.

    Issue #4

    If "New Company B" shall commence an action, suit, or proceeding against "West Coast Client" concerning Revenue Share statements rendered or required to be rendered by "West Coast Client" to "New Company B" hereunder, the scope of that action, suit or proceeding shall be limited to a determination of the amount of Revenue Share, if any, payable to "New Company B" for the accounting periods in question, and "New Company B"'s sole remedy shall be the recovery of that Revenue Share, if any.

    This paragraph was deleted from section “Issue 4”. Why? I don’t see this as detrimental to "New Company B", can someone explain why they think it should be deleted?
    NOTE: no one has answered this question and i have sent 2 follow up e-mails about it. I've also asked "OAG" about it and from the look on her face when I ask she seems to indicate that she's either not asked the question or has been told not to ask anyone else about that question.

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    "Working From Home" Yesterday
    Hi All,

    Hope you had a good weekend. I decided that I would work from home yesterday and called "OAG" first thing in the morning to let her know. I got up and checked my e-mail, played some Guitar Hero, wrote 3 e-mails, went to the gym, got home checked e-mails, left with my friend to grab some lunch got home checked e-mails and answered a few, played BAttlefield 2 on the X-box till the wife got home then made dinner for us. That was my day.

    I have a few things that i can do this morning but other than that i'll be sitting around here doing very little.

    Have a good day today, don't work to hard.

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    I've Got Something To Do Today
    Friday, February 23, 2007
    I found a small project that I can work on today taht should last a few hours. Funny how happy I am to actually have something to do.

    But, once I'm done I'm taking off for the day. Going to leave early and then start on those "Work From Home" days next week.

    Have fun at work and have a good weekend.

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    Leaving Early
    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    I might talk "OAG" into implementing a "work from home" day each week. I'm getting sick of having to sit in traffic to do absolutely nothing all day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be "Work From Home Days". Will see how she reacts to the idea this afternoon. Of course during my work from home days I’ll be going to the gym and playing X-Box and PS2 games instead of my normal PC games that I play here in the office.

    Have fun at work, hope you enjoy what you do.

    If not I hope your living vicariously through me. :)

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    Nothing to update
    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Still here doing the same thing. The people from HQ-Land might be coming here at the end of the month. Oh what fun. They're still doing the same stupid shit that "Old Compan B" did now they're fucking up the same way with a new name. This is stupid.

    As long as they're still paying me, I'll be fucking off.

    Have fun at work today.

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    And on..And on...And on
    Tuesday, February 20, 2007
    I keep going. Not much to report, but if anyone cares I had a great relaxing weekend with the wife and dreaded comming back to "work" today.

    I'm doing some research on-line for a friend who is taking someone else to small claims court. Trying to find any information out about the process and how it all works and will give them any links to pertinanant information that I find.

    I don't have much going on this week but will be out of town for business durring March I think.

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    Quick Update
    Friday, February 16, 2007
    I just want to update Wednesdays -"Not Much Going On" post. I realize now that I said "I Hate Her" 3 times in that post. What I really should have said is that "I hate WORKING WITH her"

    "OAG" is a decent person, much to my hatred of her culture because of the way it classes people and judges them based on looks and who they are related to rather than goals accomplished, i do enjoy talking to her about her life and how things are with her personally. I don't "Hate Her" I do get annoyed to no end when dealing with her about our business but overall she is an interesting character. I enjoy learning about where she grew up and how it differed from my own childhood. I've done this with countless numbers of friends from all over the world and find that we're all not so different.

    I just had to get that off my chest before the weekend came calling.
    Later folks.

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    Off For The Weekend
    Have a good one. I'm outa here. Get back on Tuesday and plan on doing nothing next week as well. I like getting paid to Blog. You should try it.

    Later folks, have a good weekend yourselves.

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    More Of The Same Today
    Thursday, February 15, 2007
    Nothing different going on today. "OAG" is still getting on my last nerve. I'm still slowly searching out a new position but will be comfortable here until I find that job i really want. Talking to a few places and we'll see what comes of it at the end of the month. "OAG" and the people from HQ-Land have signed me up for a trip to an industry convention in March and air-fare and hotel have already been purchased. I think I'll be able to make some great connections there on my own and hope to have a job by April.

    Still can't believe I've been getting by on literally 45 to 70 minutes of work a day since Oct. That's when I gave up on this place. I then decided to blog about it in December and have over 60 posts. With that being said I thought this picture was very appropriate. I don't make six figures but I'm not too far off the mark. I'm getting paid to Blog, kinda.

    Have fun at work. Tomorrows Friday but as Les Claypool once said, "Funny thing about weekends when you're unemployed, they don't mean as much...." or in my case not doing shit.

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    Not Much Going On
    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    I've done about the normal 45 minutes to an hour of work each day for the past two days, nothing exciting. This is usually made up of checking my e-mail, filling in a few measly reports and updating a document or two. I then sit around, either online or playing a game, waiting for a conference call to the HQ which is thousands of miles away. During the conference calls I have to reiterate the exact same thing I've been explaining all fucking day to "OAG", who has to translate all of this. She will then ask me questions that HQ is asking, but these are questions she has already asked me during the day. Really. She has already asked me THE EXACT SAME THING DURING THE DAY but continues to ask again because someone in an office thousands of miles away has asked her and now she needs to hear it again. I hate her.

    I have gone to the lengths of asking her why she continues to ask me the same questions to which she replies, "Well, i just want to make sure you didn't change your mind. It's not like she asked me something once in passing, she usually asks me about one topic and asks many...MANY questions about it and I am good enough to understand that English is not her native language and if she seems confused about something I will re-phrase it so it's a little bit clearer. This has no effect. I GET THE SAME QUESTIONS. I hate her.

    Last night at 7 pm while I was driving home (IN TRAFFIC!) she decide to call and ask me about a scheduling chart I had created (3 months ago). She was asking about one section of it where I had explained what products our services had to be developed for. She continued to tell me what section of the chart she needed to know about and i said "yes I know what section you’re asking about" but she never asked a question. I had to tell her that I needed to know what she wanted and she insisted that she already HAD explained to me what she wanted. To this I had to ask her to ask me her question in a different way. She then USED THE SAME exact WORDS IN A DIFFERENT ORDER. This went on for 20 MINUTES! I had explained to her each time that I still had no idea what she wanted and she decided that I was trying to make her upset. I then began (STILL IN TRAFFIC) to question what part of the schedule she was looking at and to read the schedule off line-by-line so I could understand where she was and what she was getting at. By doing this she answered the question herself because the answer was IN THE SCHEDULE! She realizes this, tells me about it and says simply “ok, bye. Have a good night.” Again, I hate her.

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    Plans For The Day
    Tuesday, February 13, 2007
    "OAG" left early last night due to a head ache. I stuck around and updated some side projects I have been working on till about 7. We have some updates to send out to the west coast client and then there's nothign left to do. I have 2 blogs I plan on working on this afternoon and also a consulting project that I'm helping a friend with.

    I have not been playing any real games latley except for a few 10 or 15 minute "flash" based games. Nothing to involved. Maybe at the end of the week I'll do some online RTS gaming. We'll see.

    Till then, have fun at work. I know I am.

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    The Past Two"Work Days"
    Monday, February 12, 2007
    Last Friday "OAG" and I had an out of ofice meeting with a "potential" client. Got into work Friday morning, sat around for an hour then left for the meeting. Got back around 3 p.m. and told "OAG" there was nothing left to do for the day so I went home. She agreed and left early too.

    This morning I got here around 8 a.m. (about an hour early) and started working on another blog I had an idea for over the weekend. I set up the template, started on the first 6 posts and uploaded some pictures. It is my first time working with a "WordPress" blog so I'm getting into exploring that format.

    Till tomorrow, have fun at work.

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    Out Yesterday
    Thursday, February 08, 2007
    I spent the morning running errands for myself although I had explained to "OAG" that I would be getting an estimate for the damage to the company car that the previous employeee had caused. See this post for a reminder I went to renew my vehicle registration, the Bank, got the wife a valentines day gift and cards, brought my broken iPod into Apple for serviceing (but it's dead) then I went home and watched a movie. "OAG" had called 3 or 4 times to see if I'd be comming in and i told her each time that "the shop was very busy and they're trying to get to it." This is the reason I did not post anything yesterday. I took the day off and it did not matter. Today the most important thing I have to do is call the west coast client which will take all of 10 minutes and then I'll be surfing the net, updating blogs, and possibly playing some online games.

    More opportubnities have been falling in my lap and I expect to have a new job any time now. Till then i will continue to soak up a paycheck here while doing absolutly nothing to contribute to this worthless endevor. I despise "OAG" more each day and can't wait to tell her that I quit. Once I do she'l have 1 month to find a job with another US based company or face the possiblity of deportation due to not having a work visa. Back to HQ-Land...Buh-Bye!

    Till tomorrow, you people have a great day at work and i'll be thinking of you. :)

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